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suuri maalaus ©jenny rostain 2021

My three-dimensional basic technique was discovered through trial and error over many years. Now, almost the same principle technique has found TikTok. 

What sets real art apart from social trends is the meticulousness and attention to detail involved. I don't just paint; I work on my canvas for weeks and sometimes months, ensuring every stroke and detail is perfect.


The paintings are a harmonious combination of different materials and techniques, such as lacquer, plaster, gold leaf, acrylic, and oil paint on canvas. Before I begin my work, ​I listen carefully to what my clients desire. I usually like to know what kind of space the painting will be placed in. My artwork is usually customized to fit the client's needs, and the colors are chosen to match the individual interior. I find my inspiration from Scandinavian nature. 

I ship worldwide.

For artwork-related inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me.

My work can also be seen


UP: "Folds of soul", 2021

acrylic on canvas, mixed technique, 2 m x 0,8 m

DOWN one: "Remission", 2021

acrylic and oil on canvas, mixed technique, 2 m x 1,3 m SOLD

DOWN two: "Ashore", 2021

acrylic and oil on canvas, mixed technique, 2,1 m x 1 m SOLD

© Jenny Rostain


 all rights reserved © jenny rostain 2021

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